Evenflo Aura Select Travel System, Alhambra

Travel Stroller

The Evenflo Aura Select Travel System is the travel system that has come of age so to speak. This system gives its customers top class convenience as they travel from one point to another for whatever duration. This travel stroller has compact features that guarantee its buyers the best quality service there is out there. It has a base that can be left inside the car, an EPS or Polystyrene foam that is well known for absorbing energy, an Evenflo Aura Car Seat that has five points. That’s not all. This amazing stroller also has two big baskets where one can put all their things. Also included is a unique parent compartment where that storage space is covered with a lid for privacy and it can hold up to two beverages.

The Features Of The Evenflo Aura Select Travel System, Alhambra

  1. The stroller can be used for babies that are aged up to four years.
  2. The baskets included with the stroller offer the user enough space to put all of one’s stuff.
  3. This travel stroller runs on a comfort glide wheeling system which has suspensions at the front ensuring that one enjoys smoothness as they ride along.
  4. A parent compartment is also included on this travel stroller. It comes in handy for storing ones stuff privately and also comes with two beverage holders.

The Pros and Cons of The Evenflo Aura Select Travel System


  1. The stroller is not heavy. Far from that. It is very light and comes in attractive colors.
  2. The travel stroller is very simple to assemble.
  3. Its pink and grey colors are easy on the eye and make it to appear more stylish.
  4. It can be used right on the go since it is easy to pack and leave.
  5. As a complete unit ii is comfy and pleasant to use.
  6. The cup holder in the parent compartment has an elastic band which means your drink is held in place much more firmly.
  7. The infant car seat on the travel stroller has a nice headrest that your baby can enjoy.
  8. The storage box has a wiper container on its top.


  1. The handle of the car seat does not have any padding.
  2. The travel stroller proves hard to push when it is empty.

Customer Reviews For The Evenflo Travel Stroller

Travel StrollerThe Evenflo Aura Select Travel System is well spoken off by people who have purchased and used this product. Most of these customers were really dazzled by its decent and attractive colors as well as the adjustable infant car seat. A happy customer who purchased the Evenflo Alhambra Travel System via Amazon praised its capabilities to open and fold with ease. Most of them were also happy with the way the car seat was simple to adjust.

Conclusion On This Travel Stroller

The Evenflo Aura Select Travel System is a unique, all-in-one stroller that offers comfort and reliability at the same time. The colors on it look good and are very eye catching making the stroller stand out in terms of stylishness. It is also very light and easy to assemble which is also a huge plus.

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