Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car Seat

Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car Seat

If you happen to have a newborn baby, traveling may prove to be a bit tricky since the babies need to be handled with care. They are delicate and since they are not able to move around in the same way that the adults do. This is why it is essential to have a safe and convenient way of carrying them around.

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The Evenflo Journey 300 travel stroller offers most people that option of carrying the baby around safely. It has unique features which you are bound to find quite useful. One can fold it using one hand because it has a fold and stand feature. The seat has the ability to accommodate a baby weighing up to 35 pounds. Once the baby grows up, the infant seat can be turned into a toddler stroller.

The main features of this travel stroller include:

  1. TheĀ Evenflo Journey 300 comes with a front wheel swivel which is quite helpful when one is looking to maneuver into tight spaces. It is also lockable and this makes it work well.
  2. The seat has multiple recline positions as well as a side impact protection for the safety of the baby.
  3. It also has a 3 point harness.
  4. It also comes with a handle which is shaped ergonomically shaped and this makes it extra comfortable for the baby alongside the fact that the stroller has extra wide space.


  1. The car seat is light weight and this makes it easy to carry and handle.
  2. The stroller is easy to assemble especially if you can follow instructions.
  3. TheĀ Evenflo Journey 300 is also made in such a way that one can easily fold and store after usage.
  4. It is made out of quality materials.
  5. The base can easily be adjusted from the front.
  6. The design is quite beautiful and pleasing to the eye.
  7. The car seat is designed in such a way that it is able to handle babies with weight ranging from 4 pounds to 35 pounds which means that the baby will spend a considerable amount of their time using it in earlier childhood.
  8. The Evenflo Journey 300 has a basket underneath where one can store other stuff.


  1. It does not come with a complete shade for the baby and they are a bit exposed to the sun.
  2. It also does not have a peek window where one can check on the baby unlike some of the other strollers.
  3. The base is also not adjustable.

Customer Reviews Regarding The Evenflo Journey 300

Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car SeatMost of the customers who have used this device are happy with the way it works. This reflects in the way they have gone ahead to give it ratings. Some of the customers were impressed by how stylish this travel stroller is. It was also quite easy to set up according to most of them and the back also was big enough to accommodate the baby. There are some who had a problem with the fact that it did not shield the baby from the sun or the fact that it lacked a peek window. At the end of the day, the positives were more than the negatives.

Conclusion On The Evenflo Journey 300

If you are looking to travel with your baby comfortably, this is one travel stroller that you ought to acquire.

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