Graco Meal Time Highchair

Graco Meal Time Highchair

Newborn babies bring so much joy into our lives but at the same time they are also a source of new challenges. They need to be well taken of and handled with care because they are quite delicate. They do not work with the same conditions as the adults do and thus they need their own special equipment. They cannot be expected to use similar furniture to the one the adults use. This is one of the reasons as to why the Graco Meal Time Highchair was created.

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The baby needs to sit comfortably during the meal times and this means using furniture that allows them that comfort. This highchair is quite a great choice for the baby. This Graco Adjustable High Chair comes with 4 height adjustments to choose from for your baby. The seat has 3 reclining positions while it also has a tray which is easy to clean. The Graco Meal Time Highchair has locking casters which lock the chair safely in place during the meal times.

One can also wash the seating pad easily and this means they do not have to worry about the baby spilling food. You are assured of the baby’s comfort during meal times since the seat can be reclined into a position which they are comfortable.

Features Of The Graco Meal Time Highchair

  1. One of the main factors which were considered when designing this particular seat was the comfort of the baby. This is why the seat has been designed with the ability to attain three reclining positions as well as 4 height adjustment positions. This ensures that your baby is comfortably seated during meal times.
  2. The baby will also feel secure when using the Graco Meal Time Highchair because of the 4 locking casters that are meant to prevent the chair from moving around. This chair is also easily folded and this makes storage quite easy.
  3. The Graco Meal Time Highchair has also been designed in a way that makes it quite easy to clean. One just needs to slide the tray off with one hand then they can use a dishwasher to clean it. The seat pad can also be cleaned easily using a machine.


  1. This highchair is quite easy to fold.
  2. Has a vinyl seat cover that is quite durable.
  3. The tray is removable which makes it easy to clean.
  4. Has straps which are quite easily opened up.


  1. There have been some complaints from some people about the tray insert coming out easily.

Customer Reviews

Graco Meal Time HighchairMost of the customers who purchased this highchair for their babies were quite happy with how it worked. They were happy with how easy it was to assemble the Graco Baby High Chair as well as the fact that it was quite comfortable for the baby. They liked the fact that it had a vinyl cover as well as a removable tray all of which made cleaning easy. The design was safe, stylish and comfortable for the baby. They also liked the fact that it could be adjusted to make the baby more comfortable.

Conclusion On The Graco Meal Time Highchair

If you are looking to ensure that your baby is comfortable during meal times then you definitely need to have this highchair.

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